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There simply isn’t another place in the world quite like Old San Juan and if you love bicycling, get ready for an unforgettable experience.  Be warned that continuously riding is nearly impossible, be prepared for constant temptations to stop along the way in order to appreciate and enjoy the many attractions and interesting places to see.

This bicycling guide was carefully researched in order to make your cycling experience a memorable one.  Following you’ll find information on bicycling in historic Old San Juan and the easter neighborbhood of Puerta de Tierra, both officially located in the district of Old San Juan.

Following we’ll provide you with information on suggested bike routes, where to rent a bike, companies offering bicycle tours of Old San Juan, recommended attraction stops and a complete map with the bicycle routes.

Bahia Urbana


Start your unforgettable bicycling excursion by renting a bike or booking a tour near Bahia Urbana along the southern shore of Old San Juan (more information and map location below).  You can first ride around Bahia Urbana, then head west on the paved waterfront boardwalk that will take you by the cruise ship piers and Plaza Darsenas along the scenic San Juan Bay.

Bike Ride along the Historic City Walls & The San Juan Bay

Bicycle Trail in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - Paseo de la Princesa & The San Juan Gate

View of Paseo de la Princesa and the San Juan Gate. Above is La Fortaleza (The Governor’s Mansion).

From Bahia Urbana continue west to the entrance of Paseo de la Princesa and onto this historic paved pathway.  Ride pass the City Walls and take in the views of the beautiful San Juan Bay as you ride along Paseo de la Princesa which connects to Paseo del Morro (by Fort El Morro) right after you pass the historic San Juan Gate.


Paseo de la Princesa, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Paseo del Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re bike riding in the afternoon, be sure to ride this route between 6pm and 7pm to catch the sunset.  Although there are plans to connect Paseo del Morro to the north side of Old San Juan, the project is still under construction, so you’ll have to turn around.  That’s okay, because you’ll be able to enjoy much of the beautiful, scenic ride twice!

Enter through The San Juan Gate – “La Puerta de San Juan”

Bicycle Trail - The San Juan Gate - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Puerta de San Juan / The San Juan Gate

After turning around and heading back, this time, where Paseo del Morro connects to Paseo de la Princesa, turn left and head east through the San Juan Gate and up Caleta de San Juan to Calle del Cristo.  Turn left and ride north on Calle del Cristo past the San Juan Cathedral until you reach Calle Norzagaray on the north side of Old San Juan.

Use caution if riding in the heart of historic Old San Juan.  Streets tend to be more crowded on cruise ship days.  The cobblestone streets are narrow and rugged.

Bike your Way to The Best Historic Attraction in the Caribbean

Bicycling to San Juan National Historic Site - San Juan, Puerto Rico

San juan National Historic Site

Once on Calle Norzagaray, you’ll have great views of the Atlantic Ocean, Fort El Morro, Fort San Cristobal, and the Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery.  You’ll also be near museums and places to eat.  You can then continue east along Calle Norzagaray which eventually turns right and downhill (south) to Plaza Colón.  From Plaza Colón, you’ll have access to popular streets such as Calle San Francisco, Calle Fortaleza & Calle Tetuan where you’ll find great shops and restaurants.


Make a stop at Plaza de Colon

From Plaza Colón, take Avenida Luis Munoz Rivera east, by Fort San Cristobal, to see the Capitol Building.  Just across the Capitol Building, be sure to make a scenic rest stop at Plaza San Juan Bautista for views of roaring Atlantic Ocean and the walls of San Cristobal.

San Juan Bautista - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Look down and you’ll see Playa Peña, a beach that’s not very popular among tourists, but a wonderful spot for a scenic walk on the sand without crowds.   This beach is protected by a coral wall, walk east and you’ll get to fort ruins.  These attractions are officially located in the Puerta de Tierra community.

Currently, we do not recommend continuing east on this street past the Capitol building until the new boardwalk is completed (more information below) as it is a very busy road with no current bike lane and one-way heading west.  If you choose to continue riding east on this street, you’ll have to use the sidewalk and share it with pedestrians, please use caution.

An alternate safer route would be to turn right onto the first street east of the Capitol building, Calle Davila, and take the first left onto Avenida de la Constitucion (not long after turning onto Constitution Ave., the street becomes Avenida Juan Ponce de Leon, PR-25).  You can safely ride east in the left yellow lane down to the Luis Munoz Rivera Park.  Make sure to ride into the park, it is beautiful and an underrated attraction.

Bike over to the Best Beach in San Juan


North of the Luis Munoz Rivera Park on Calle San Agustin (west side of the park) you can enjoy a wonderful time bike riding and going for a refreshing swim at Balneario El Escambron (Escambron Beach).  There is a dirt path along the coast leading to the historic Bateria del Escambron Fort.  Most of the paths on the park are paved with wonderful scenic views of the modern city.

Cycling in San Juan, Puerto Rico

After visiting Escambron, head back on Calle San Agustin south to Luis Munoz Rivera Park and ride east along the southern edge of the park until it ends.  Cross the street and over to Caribe Plaza where you can ride Paseo Caribe for great views of the Condado Lagoon, Atlantic Ocean, and Fort San Geronimo.  From this paved path, you can easily access the entrance to the Puente Dos Hermanos bridge to Condado should you wish to continue your biking tour of San Juan.

Exciting Plans for a New Boardwalk…

Soon, island residents and visitors will be able to enjoy a boardwalk linking Old San Juan to Puerta de Tierra and nearby Condado and the Convention District.  Cyclists will have an additional bike trail facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Bike Rentals & Tours

  • 100 Calle Del Muelle, Suite 205, Capitolio Plaza (east side across from Bahia Urbana), Old San Juan
  • Open 7 days a week: 9 am – 4:30pm
  • Rates: Daily rental $27, 3 hours $17, child seat $5 (helmets & locks included)
  • Offering tours of Old San Juan & San Juan City & Beach tours
  • 787-602-9696  |  787-661-2728  |  email:
  • Location on map below
  • Mobile Mountain Bike Rental Unit
  • Servicing Old San Juan, San Juan to Isla Verde, Carolina
  • FREE delivery and pick up to/from your hotel
  • Open 7 days a week: 7 am – 6pm
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Map of Suggested Bike Routes in Old San Juan

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Bike Routes & Paths - Old San Juan and Puerta de Tierra, San Juan

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Rent the Bicycle Bike Rentals & Tours - Old San Juan, San Juan, PR: 18.464574, -66.106566
Ride up & down Paseo del Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.465932, -66.121731
Ride on Paseo de la Princesa, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.463653, -66.115701
Ride along Calle Norzagaray - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.468253, -66.116517
Rent a Bike & ride from Bahia Urbana - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.463694, -66.108427
Ride thru Luis Munoz Rivera Park & to Balneario El Escambron: 18.464508, -66.093729
Ride to the Capitol & Playa Pena, Old San Juan, PR: 18.467439, -66.106453
Ride on Paseo Caribe - Caribe Hilton, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan: 18.462045, -66.085253
Ride by Escambron Beach & to Fort Escambron: 18.467179, -66.088461
Biking from Old San Juan to Condado, San Juan, PR: 18.462086, -66.087441
Bike east through the San Juan Gate and to Calle del Cristo: 18.465266, -66.119193
Bike north up Calle del Cristo to Calle Norzagaray: 18.466329, -66.118265
Bike down Calle Norzagaray to Plaza Colon: 18.466604, -66.111630
Biking to Luis Munoz Rivera Park & Balneario El Escambron: 18.465464, -66.100187
Paseo Puerta de Tierra - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.467194, -66.101539

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