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Weather in San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s always summer in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Below we provide current weather conditions, weather forecasts, local weather alerts, live precipitation radar, and NOAA links (tropical storm alerts, water temperatures, and tide predictions) for San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In addition, we provide the average sunrise and sunset times by season for Puerto Rico.

The best time of the day in San Juan is in the early morning.  It is almost always sunny with very few clouds, if any, and a bright blue sky above.  It is also cooler (a great time to walk around) and the water is calmer.  Typically, as the day progresses, it gets warmer, but a nice breeze picks up to help cool you off and causes more waves on the ocean.  Sometimes, the skies become more cloudy with an occasional late afternoon shower or storm.  Nevertheless, the weather is a different kind of perfect every day!

Weather Forecast

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Average Monthly Water Temperatures (°F)

San Juan, Puerto Rico
January – 77 July – 81
February – 78 August – 83
March – 78 September – 83
April – 79 October – 82
May – 81 November – 81
June – 82 December – 80

(source: NOAA)

NOAA – San Juan Puerto Rico Water Temperature Forecast

Tide Chart

San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico Tide Chart

NOAA - Tide Predictions

Average Sunrise & Sunset Times by Season in Puerto Rico

Atlantic Standard Time – AST

  • Winter Months –      7 am Sunrise and 6:15 pm Sunset
  • Spring Months –      6 am Sunrise and 6:45 pm Sunset
  • Summer Months –   5:45 am Sunrise and 7 pm Sunset
  • Fall Months –           6:30 am Sunrise and 6 pm Sunset

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