San Juan Puerto Rico  ⎮  Travel to San Juan Puerto Rico

Hassle-free and affordable travel is possible to the Caribbean when you come to Puerto Rico.  San Juan is the airport hub of the Caribbean; for you, that means you can easily find daily flights from major cities at competitive rates without the hassles of connecting flights.

Travel from the United States

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so if you’re traveling from the United States, it’s just like flying to another state – no passport is required!  So you can forget about long waits in the customs lines.  Once you arrive, get to your baggage claim, head outside, breathe the Puerto Rico air, hop on your hotel shuttle or taxi, and start enjoying the enchantment of San Juan and the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Getting Here by Air

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport / San Juan Airport  (SJU) –  Puerto Rico’s main airport is located in the town of Carolina, a quick cab ride to San Juan just 3 miles west of the airport.  More about San Juan Airport.

Getting Here by Sea

The Port of San Juan is the second-largest cruise ship port in the Western Hemisphere and the largest, most popular port in the Caribbean.  That says how special San Juan truly is.  If you want to cruise to Puerto Rico, you have plenty of cruises to choose from.  Make San Juan your port of departure or final destination, so you can have more time to experience the wonder and splendor of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  + San Juan Cruise Port.

San Juan Puerto Rico  ⎮  Travel to San Juan Puerto Rico