San Juan Puerto Rico  ⎮  Facts about San Juan, Puerto Rico

Formal Name of San Juan

 Municipio de la Ciudad Capital San Juan Bautista (Municipality of the Capital City, Saint John the Baptist). 

The original name for what today is the capital city was Puerto Rico (Rich Port), which was later named San Juan, and the entire island was named Puerto Rico. 

Pronunciation of San Juan

 “Sahn HwahnPwer-toh ree-koh”

The pronunciation of "San Juan" in Spanish is approximately "sahn hwahn." The "San" is pronounced with a short "ah" sound, and "Juan" is pronounced with the "hw" sound, which is similar to the English "wh" in "what." Together, they form "sahn hwahn." Remember that the "J" in Spanish is pronounced like an "H."

Where is the Capital City of San Juan?

 San Juan is located on the north-east coast of Puerto Rico bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north side.

Map - San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

City Hall (Alcaldia) Office

  • Address: 153 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
  • Tel: +1 787-524-2500

Culture of San Juan Puerto Rico

The capital city is the cultural center of Puerto Rico.  San Juan is a happy place all year round and around the clock!  Residents from across the island flock to the capital city to attend cultural events and visit the many points of interest. Visitors are encouraged to join in and experience the heart and soul of San Juan.  + Culture in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Electricity in San Juan / Puerto Rico

Current is 110 volts AC, same as the United States

Puerto Rico Flag

The current flag of Puerto Rico was officially adopted in 1922.  The red stripes are symbolic of the “blood” that nourishes the three branches of its government; Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.  More about the Puerto Rico Flag

Hospitals & Pharmacies in San Juan

During your visit to San Juan, easily find pharmacies in tourist areas within walking distance of hotel/resort areas.  Should you need any medical assistance during your travels, there are various hospitals ready to give you care.  + Hospitals and pharmacies in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Land Area

76.93 sq. miles (199.2 km²)

Language in San Juan / Puerto Rico

Spanish & English are the official languages in Puerto Rico.  Spanish is preferred, but most locals, especially in tourist areas, speak English.

Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Miguel A. Romero Lugo
Address: P.O. Box 4355, San Juan, P.R.  00901-4355
Telephone:  (787) 524-2500

Money Matters

  • Currency:  U.S.A. Dollar (dolar, peso)
  • Banks – You’ll find local banks throughout the city with ATH’s (in U.S. called ATM’s) that function on U.S networks.  Banco Popular, Scotiabank, Doral, Santander, & FirstBank ATH machines are most frequently available.
  • Methods of Payment – Cash, VISA, MasterCard, and ATH (debit cards) are the most commonly accepted methods of payment.  American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are not as commonly accepted in Puerto Rico.
  • Sales Tax Rate:  11.5%


Population is 395,326 according to the 2010 US Census.

Sources:  US Census

Police & Emergency Services

Visitors can feel comfortable exploring the tourist areas of San Juan.  There is a strong police presence and the officers are trained to help visitors feel safe.

Police and emergency services in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Post Offices

There are various Post Offices located in tourist districts of San Juan, visitors are welcome to stop by and send postcards and packages back home.  Post Service is by the United States Postal Service.

Subdivisions of San Juan

The municipality of San Juan (like a county in the U.S.) is divided into 18 districts (barrios), which are further divided into communities/ neighborhoods (sub-barrios).

Television & Internet

Television and Internet access are available via satellite or cable companies as in the United States.

Temperature / Weather in San Juan

Average of 81 degrees F.  See our Weather page for more information.

Time Zone in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) = Eastern U.S. Daylight Savings Time (EDT)

Puerto Rico does NOT recognize daylight savings as in the U.S.

If you're traveling from the U.S., here are the time zone conversions:

During U.S. Daylight Savings time months (early March thru October):

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is the same as Puerto Rico time

Central Daylight Time (CDT) + 1 hr. = Puerto Rico time

Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) + 2 hrs. = Puerto Rico time

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) + 3 hrs. = Puerto Rico time
(i.e. Noon PDT = 3 pm in San Juan)

During U.S. Standard Time months (November into early March):

Eastern Standard Time (EST) + 1 hr. = Puerto Rico time
(i.e. Noon EST = 1 p.m. in San Juan)

Central Standard Time (CST) + 2 hrs. = Puerto Rico time

Mountain Standard Time (MST) + 3 hrs. = Puerto Rico time

Pacific Standard Time (PST) + 4 hrs. = Puerto Rico time

Tourism Offices

The tourism office is a great place to stop after arriving at the airport or beginning your walking tour of Old San Juan.  The staff is ready to help you and answer any questions you may have.  See locations and maps of tourist offices.

Typography of San Juan, PR

San Juan is mostly flat, with coastal areas facing the Atlantic Ocean and the San Juan Bay.

Water in San Juan / Puerto Rico - Can you drink it?

San Juan Puerto Rico Tap Water, and around most of the island, is “city water” and safe to drink, tastes good, and meets the same requirements set by the EPA for the United States.  The Puerto Rico Water Company, Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AAA), uses the latest technology to filter and purify drinking water for San Juan and other towns throughout Puerto Rico.  For water quality information, visit their website at  As in the U.S., if a business or home uses well water (rural areas only), they are responsible for monitoring its quality and safety.

When was San Juan founded?

San Juan was founded on August 8, 1508, by Juan Ponce de León, an explorer from Spain. 

Zip Codes & Area Codes of San Juan

San Juan Puerto Rico  ⎮  Facts about San Juan, Puerto Rico