...where history and modern Caribbean meet...

to create the most exciting destination in the Caribbean.

Old San Juan

Historic, Colorful, Romantic…Pure Happiness

The New San Juan

…Sun, Sand & Sensational Nights

Experience San Juan...

Five centuries ago, San Juan was an impenetrable fortified city.  Today, the capital city of Puerto Rico, is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean welcoming travelers from all over the world.   In a short 3 hour flight from major US cities, with no passport required, you can experience one of the most culturally rich places in the world with the added allures of a tropical Caribbean island.

Prepare to be captivated by the natural enchantment of Puerto Rico, its vibrant culture, and old world elegance.   San Juan is one of the most unique and accessible places to travel under the U.S. Flag, far from a cookie cutter Caribbean destination.


Experience Two Distinct Destinations... Five Centuries Apart

Colorful street on a square in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

The charming Old San Juan will transport you back to colonial times.  Bring comfortable shoes, because you’ll want to walk every cobblestone street, with bright candy coloured homes. Explore scenic waterfronts, century old forts, museums, charming plazas, excellent restaurants, shopping, and be sure to experience our vibrant culture by attending our festive events just about every week of the year.  Honeymooners get lost in the romance of the Old City and will find plenty of romantic activities.  More about Old San Juan.

The New San Juan

The New San Juan, the metropolis of the Caribbean, is constantly growing and moving forward.  Our capital city offers the amenities and entertainment of a modern and lively city with the added allures of tropical beaches, luxurious beachfront hotels, world-class dining, shopping, and a sizzling nightlife.  Condado, Ocean Park, nearby Isla Verde, are the most popular tourist destinations.  Here you can have it all, a bustling city life yet relaxing like a tropical escape ought to be.  More about New San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Colors in Old San Juan, Puerto RIcoSan Juan is the most popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico, a great central location, and the best starting point when visiting the island.  San Juan is truly an all-inclusive vacation offering something for everyone to enjoy.

San Juan is the Caribbean’s most popular cruise stop, giving cruisers an unforgettable day of exploration.  Only those that choose to spend at least a few days here get to experience the full enchantment of this place.

Experience the Vibrant Culture of Puerto Rico...

San Juan is the cultural center of Puerto Rico, celebrating countless festivals and events throughout the year.  There’s always something entertaining and exciting happening in San Juan.  Island residents head to the city to join the festivities.  Visitors are encouraged and welcome to join the fun and experience Puerto Rican’s vibrant culture.

Experience Happiness...

Experience Happiness - Happy boy running out of a Garita at Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Once here, you’ll see San Juan is truly the happiest place on earth.  Whether you’re running around the grounds of El Morro flying a kite, basking under a sunny blue sky, playing on the beaches, or dancing to the rhythms of salsa, you may find yourself always ready with a smile for the perfect selfie with magnificent ocean blue backgrounds and colorful scenes.

San Juan has the perfect recipe for happy visitors…a vibrant city life mixed with the perfect dose of relaxation opportunities.  Tropical happiness is never complete without palm trees and beautiful beaches, blue skies, warm tropical weather…with the perfect Piña Colada.  Add sounds of salsa, delicious food, friendly locals, warm hospitality, and plenty of fun activities and world class attractions and you have the most complete Caribbean Getaway.

San Juan has something for young and the less young…be ready to smile…

Experience World Class Attractions & Exciting Things to Do for the Whole Family

San Juan Puerto Rico Attractions

Attractions & Points of Interest

Visitors of all ages and interests will enjoy seeing unique attractions and landmarks in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The list of places you can visit is long, including world-renowned UNESCO sites such as the San Juan National Historic Site.  There are also museums for all ages, marine reserves, beaches, plazas, parks, gardens, a state of the art convention center hosting many events, and more.  Getting around to see everything is easy and affordable too.  More about Attractions in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Things to Do

San Juan alone offers a great variety of fun and exciting things to do for adults and families.  Outside of the city is a different world that’s green and lush…filled with natural treasures for the adventurer and a beautiful coastline with plenty of water activities.  San Juan attracts couples seeking unique experiences, and the city offers full days of romantic activities  – sure to create unforgettable memories.  More about Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Experience Excellent Dining & Warm Hospitality...

Hotels / Resorts in San Juan, Puerto Rico - © Condado Vanderbilt.

Hotels & Places to Stay

Choose from elegant luxurious hotels and resorts on the water to more intimate settings at San Juan’s hotels, guest houses, small inns, cozy bed and breakfasts, and boutique hotels for every budget.  Stay at a romantic hotel or small inn in Old San Juan popular for weddings and honeymooners.  If you want luxurious and beachfront, then choose a hotel or resort in the New San Juan areas of Isla Verde or Condado – facing the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dining in San Juan

San Juan is ranked among the best Caribbean destinations for foodies and it won’t take long for you to agree.  From food trucks, fried alcapurrias and empanadillas, to exquisite fine dining for the more refined palate, San Juan delivers an epic culinary experience.  Many restaurants also offer great live entertainment.  No matter what your budget is, you can enjoy great food during your visit.  More about Dining in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Extraordinary Experiences... Just a Short Flight Away...

No Passport Required for US Citizens

Puerto Rico is a Free Commonwealth of the United States, so no passport is required for citizens of the U.S.A.  With daily flights offered from major cities in the United States, travel to San Juan is convenient and affordable.   As you sleep, dine, and shop, you’ll receive warm and friendly hospitality for an enjoyable stay.  Plus, the weather is perfect with an average temperature in the 80’s all year.  It’s always a great time to vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico.