San Juan ⎮ Services in San Juan

Health Services in Tourist Districts of San Juan

Medical Care / Services / Hospitals in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Hospitals – There are various hospitals in the San Juan / Metro Area.  A good hospital near the tourist areas is Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital.  (787) 721-2160
  • Drugstores – You’ll easily find a pharmacy throughout Old San Juan and the Metro Area.  If you need a refill in Puerto Rico, you will need to have a hand-signed prescription.  There are local pharmacies as well as American chains, such as Walgreens and CVS.

+ See Map of Hospitals and Pharmacies in Tourist Districts of San Juan

Emergency Services in Tourist Districts of San Juan

San Juan ⎮ Services in San Juan

San Juan Travel - Staying Safe

One of the great bonuses of visiting the tourist areas in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, is safety. Police presence is strong and noticeable, especially in the walking historic district of Old San Juan giving visitors peace of mind as they explore the allures of the city.

The officers in tourist areas are trained to deal with visitors, they’re friendly, bilingual, and very knowledgeable about the attractions in the area.  Feel free to stop, ask for help, or directions or express any concerns you may have.

If you experience a real emergency please dial 911, just like in the U.S., to be connected with the services you require.

  • Fire Department – 787-722-1120 / (787) 723-2904 or Dial 911

Police Departments in Tourist Areas

Old San Juan / Viejo San Juan

  • Cuartel Casa Alcaldía – (787) 480-2520, (787) 480-2657 y (787) 480-2658
  • Cuartel de San Juan – Calle Juan A. Corretjer, 1er nivel, Estacionamiento Covadonga  (787) 724-5170-Retén
    Fax: (787) 725-8138
  • Administración-Puerta de Tierra – 360 San Agustín, Puerta de Tierra (787) 722-4710, (787) 725-8105, (787) 721-5925


  • Cuartel Condado – Parque Barbosa Calle Park Bulevar Último Trolley  (787) 480-2920, (787) 480-2921, (787) 480-2922, (787) 480-2923, (787) 480-2926 Fax: (787) 268-1217

+ See Map of Police Stations in Tourist Districts

Postal Services in Tourist Districts of San Juan

Post Office / Correo - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a US territory, and postal services are provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  If you wish to send a postcard to family members or perhaps send a few boxes home with goodies purchased while visiting, you can send them with the same peace of mind and guarantees offered by USPS.

+ Map of Post Offices in Tourist Districts