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Puerto Rico Things to Do in San Juan & Around the Island - Romantic

Longing for some time away with your loved one full of romantic experiences?  Please allow us to tell you why San Juan is a wonderful choice that everyone can enjoy from budget-friendly to luxurious experiences.  Whether you seek to explore beautiful relaxing places to more adventurous activities, San Juan is a great place to fulfill your wish list with easy access to even more around the island.

Travel to San Juan is hassle-free with many direct flights from the U.S., Canada, and Europe with no passport required for US Citizens.  Budget-conscious couples will find plenty of free and inexpensive romantic activities to enjoy.  For couples desiring luxurious experiences, San Juan will not disappoint with activities from fine dining to private charters to breathtaking natural attractions.

Make this Puerto Rico vacation the beginning of new romantic gestures, fun adventures, and traditions.  The great value of travel is having new experiences that help us adopt new ways of seeing the world, and our relationships.  Island life has a way of getting us to slow down, Puerto Ricans are known for having a celebratory outlook in life, we hope that all the good things you experience may enrich your relationship… and that you’re inspired to keep traveling, live a more vibrant life and keep on loving.

Romantic Hotels & Resorts in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Surprise your Loved One with a Picnic on the Beach

Beach Picnic- Romantic things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Invite your loved one to take a walk on the beach.  As you’re walking extend your eyes to the scene of a lovely private picnic set up on the beach, your loved one will be wishing it was for the two of you… and in fact, it is.

All of your senses will be in harmony with the sights, sounds, and scent of the ocean, and the taste of delicious food, as you embrace each other with love.  Surely, you’ll be reminiscing about this moment forever.

Romantic Picnics in San Juan & Nearby

Explore Romantic Places in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Paseo de La Princesa - Romantic Places in Puerto Rico

No need to spend much time planning where to go and what sights to see, we’ve created an itinerary for a romantic day in Old San Juan.

Old San Juan is a popular honeymoon and wedding destination in the Caribbean.  Perhaps you wish to re-kindle romance or you’re an endless romantic always celebrating love.  Old San Juan’s beauty, charm, and joyous spirit is sure to add spark as you explore scenic places, walk around charming colorful streets and immerse yourself in the joyous cultural experiences that the city has to offer.  Although Old San Juan receives the most number of visitors in Puerto Rico, you’ll find scenic places away from crowds to enjoy the beauty around you.

Explore the Sights & Sounds of El Yunque National Rainforest

El Yunque Rainforest - Romantic Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

After exploring Old San Juan, we invite you to go into the verdant mountains to explore the sights and sounds of the El Yunque Rainforest.  Although El Yunque is only a 45 minutes drive from San Juan, you’ll feel like you’re away from it all.  Enjoy hikes from easy to intermediate to explore trails leading to romantic waterfalls where you can jump in and feel the embrace of the rainforest and its magical wonders.  As you hike you can make pauses to gaze at each other in amazement as you admire lush tropical flora, colorful flowers, and the melodic sounds of the rainforest.

Getting to El Yunque National Rainforest:  El Yunque is located just 45 minutes from San Juan.

  • On your own:  You can rent a car and go on your own, you will need to make a reservation to enter with your vehicle.
  • With a tour guide:  There are various interesting tours for you to choose from.  The tours are inexpensive and we think they’re worth it since you don’t have to worry about the details, plus the added attention of a guide.  See top-rated tours below.

Popular Tours to El Yunque National Rainforest w/ Transport from San Juan

+ El Yunque Tours from San Juan

+ Combination Tours to El Yunque National Rainforest

  • El Yunque & Bioluminescent Bay - This is one of the top-rated tours, visit the enchanted rainforest and the magical bioluminescent bay at night.  See top-rated tour. (new window)
  • El Yunque & Waterfall Slide - This is a fun tour for those with a sense of adventure and wishing for a more thrilling rainforest experience.  Love going down waterslides? Prepare for a fun time on a waterpark created by nature, where you can slide down a natural rock slide with a refreshing waterfall surrounded by lush green canopies.  This tour is more physically challenging along the way, if it rained prior prepare to get a little muddy on the way, you'll have a chance to refresh going down the natural waterfall slide.  See top-rated tour. (new window)
  • El Yunque and Luquillo Beach (Balneario Monserrate).  The beach in Luquillo is one of the most popular public beaches in Puerto Rico with great local food.  See top-rated tour. (new window)

Take Salsa Lessons

Salsa Dancing Lessons - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Add a little happiness and sultriness to your steps… learn to move to the sounds of Salsa!

Music is an integral part of Puerto Rican culture, and Puerto Ricans do Salsa the best… ok Cubans are very good too.  The best cultural events take place in Old San Juan and you can always count on the best salsa bands to perform, the sounds reach corners and alleys of the colorful streets.  We encourage you to take a salsa lesson early in your trip, so you can add a little spice to your trip.   Various restaurants offer live entertainment and there are many events at squares throughout the year, where locals and tourists come together to dance.  Strangers become friends at the squares, as they move to the rhythms of Salsa and sing together to the most beloved songs.

This is an activity you’ll take home with you that you can continue to practice; every time you dance you’ll always reminisce about your romantic escape to San Juan.  Learning to dance salsa will help you understand why Puerto Ricans are often called the happiest people in the world.

Top Rated Dancing Classes in San Juan

Sunset Sail on the Historic & Scenic San Juan Bay

Sunset Activities - Romantic Places in San Juan Puerto Rico

Surprise your loved one with a romantic sunset sail offering breathtaking views of the walled city, San Felipe del Morro Fort, Isla de Cabras Island, and the city line to the amber glow of the sunset.  You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy one of the best sailing experiences in the world, but don’t take our word for it… (see below).

Return home with travel bragging rights for experiencing a sunset sailing tour by SailPR, which proudly earned a spot on the coveted Traveler's Choice Best of the Best by TripAdvisor for Best Sailing in the World for the past two years, #20 in 2022 & #7 in 2021

Top Rated Sunset Sailing & Boat Tours - San Juan Bay

Escape to a Secluded Island near San Juan

Icacos Cay - Best places to visit in Puerto Rico

One of the great pleasures of vacationing in the city of San Juan is that in a short drive, you can enjoy a romantic escape to a secluded island.  We recommend you go to Icacos Cay or Piñeros Island for that dreamy tropical experience sure to add romance and enchantment to your vacation.  There are fun catamaran tours, small group boat tours, and luxurious private sailing tours. 

5 Star Tours to Secluded Islands of Puerto Rico

For the Adventurous Couple…

Beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers many activities sure to add excitement to your romantic escape.   Go ziplining on the second longest line in the world or over green canopies in the rainforest.  Explore the amazing caves of Puerto Rico, go trekking and cave tubbing in one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful places, and go on an ATV / Off-Road adventure near San Juan.

Top-Rated Cave Tours near San Juan

Learn to Enjoy the Pleasures of Island Life

San Juan Puerto Rico Things to Do

In Puerto Rico, you’ll be surrounded by the allure of the Caribbean, for a truly special and memorable experience on the water, nurture a more adventurous spirit together by learning to enjoy some of the favorite pass times on the island such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing.  These are unforgettable experiences that will keep on building memories in every future vacation you share in the Caribbean.  See top-rated lessons in San Juan below.

Top-Rated Water Activity Lessons in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sail Away to the Offshore Treasures of Puerto Rico

Things to Do in San Juan Puerto Rico - Sailing

… Puerto Rico offers many activities sure to add excitement to your romantic escape.   Go ziplining on the second longest line in the world or over green canopies at the rainforest.  Explore caves or go cave tubbing to one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful places.

Take a Day Trip to the West Coast for Most Scenic Spot in Puerto Rico &  Bioluminescent Bay

Take a Day Trip to the West Coast  - Romantic places to visit on the west coast of Puerto Rico

  • Itinerary 1 – From San Juan take 18 to 52 towards Ponce and follow your maps app to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse for a full morning of exploration on the most scenic overlook, salt flats often called “pink beach” and one of the top beaches of Puerto Rico.  If you wish to explore a beautiful spot that is closer, go to La Parguera for the day where you can spend the day exploring the keys by taking a water taxi, eating traditional food at the fishing village, and waiting for the sun to go down to experience the bioluminescent bay.  The bioluminescent bay in Lajas is the only one where you are allowed to swim, the best way to fully experience the dinoflagellates that light up as stars as you move in the water.
  • Itinerary 2 – Head to Aguadilla and take a hike to Survival Beach, then head to Isabela for lunch at Jobos Beach, and finally head to Pozo Teodoro, our favorite natural pool without crowds and a romantic vibe.  If you don’t wish to hike to Survival Beach, the Guajataca Tunnel offers another scenic walk.

While in Isabela, Royal Isabela has a fine dining restaurant with stunning views of the cliffside golf course and the ocean, great for lunch and dinner after a day of exploration.  Reservations are not required but are recommended.

Have a Professional Photographer Capture Memories

As we travel extensively around the city, we often see couples forget to embrace each other and enjoy their surroundings fully because they spend a lot of time taking photos as they walk around.  We have forgotten the art and value of photographers, dedicated to capturing special gazes and moments we simply can’t ourselves.  If your budget allows, let friendly professionals capture memories of your special day in the most beautiful locations locals know.

Old San Juan Vacation Photography Sessions

Watch the Sunset

Romantic Things to Do in San Juan Puerto Rico

While in Puerto Rico make it a goal to watch the sunset every day… the simplicity of watching the sunset with a warm embrace is the perfect way to take a moment and celebrate the day.  Great spots to watch the sunset are the small square overlooking the San Juan Bay at the end of Calle San Jose & Calle Tetuan, Paseo de la Princesa, and the grounds of El Morro by the water.  If want an extra special sunset experience, if you take the day trip to the west coast as discussed in this guide, be sure to go to Rincon for sunset.

When you go back home, try to continue stepping outside with your loved one to watch the sunset.  If your love is not with you and you see a beautiful sky, take a photo and send it to your loved one… make this Puerto Rico vacation not only enchant you but also enrich your lives for life.

Other activities you may enjoy with your loved one

We hope you enjoy your stay in San Juan and we wish you many years of love and happiness.

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Map of Places to Visit for a Romantic Day in Old San Juan

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