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Balneario El Escambron is the best beach in San Juan and the Metro Area offering experiences full of beauty, exploration, and relaxation.  At Escambron you can swim safely, snorkel to observe sea turtles, scuba dive, take a romantic walk along the scenic oceanside trail, visit the historic Bateria El Escambron, and enjoy quiet spots just for two.  The city is vibrant and full of energy but once you get here, you’ll experience the relaxing and alluring pleasures of this city with tropical bliss.

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Top Things to Do & Tours at Escambron Beach

Snorkeling at Escambron & Top Rated Tours

Bateria El Escambron, situated on the park's south side, provides an exceptionally rewarding snorkeling experience, ranking among the best in Puerto Rico.  Here, it is nearly certain that visitors will encounter sea turtles gracefully gliding next to diverse, colorful fish.  Snorkeling in Escambron suits the entire family, with tailored tours designed for beginners.

This beach is the premier location for snorkeling tours in the capital city.  The coral reef, a harmonious blend of natural and artificial formations, is the backdrop for an immersive aquatic exploration.  Local organizations have taken commendable steps to safeguard and nurture this habitat, and their efforts have borne fruit in the form of a flourishing marine haven.

Romantic Picnic Experience

Although Escambron is a popular beach in San Juan, romantics can find intimate spots to unwind and gaze at the ocean and each other. Surprise your loved one with a romantic private picnic in the most intimate setting of Escambron. Many couples head to Escambron to propose, so make it more special by booking this experience. It is becoming quite popular, so save a spot. You can reserve and pay later with an easy cancellation policy.

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Snorkeling - Award Winning Tours - Escambron Beach

San Juan's beloved beach of Escambron is the location of one of the best experiences in the Caribbean and the World. Yes, you read that right. The magic of Escambron Beach and our local hard-working, friendly tour guides put San Juan on the world map, with experiences that have won TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice—Best of the Best since 2021.

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Highlights of El Escambron Beach

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Playa Escambron as locals call it, offers two beaches, each with its own qualities.  See below to get acquainted with locations.

Escambron Beach is the main beach on the north side.  Although the beach faces the Atlantic Ocean, the water was perfectly landscaped by nature with a natural coral wall creating a pool with clear water and rocky spots where beach lovers and tropical fish come together to swim and play.

Bateria El Escambron Beach also known as Poza Escambron is located on the south side with views of Condado.  |At first sight the beach does not look like anything too special… but once you get in the water and look underneath the surface, you’re in a pretty cool natural aquarium with sea turtles teeming with schools of tropical colorful fish. Boulders were added to the beach to keep the strong surf from coming in, making it a safe place to swim (under normal weather conditions).

If you never snorkeled or scuba-dived, Escambron Beach is a popular spot for learning, even for children.   There’s also a historic site inside the park and a trail for a romantic scenic walk.  

Location:  Escambron Beach is located in Puerta de Tierra right in between the Old San Juan and Condado tourist districts.  Paseo de Tierra (walking path) connects Old San Juan & Condado making it possible to walk or take a bike ride to the beach.

Families:  Escambron Beach is a very family-friendly beach with calmer water for swimming and a nice spot to snorkel or learn how.  Escambron has restrooms, the only public beach that does in San Juan.  There is a lifeguard at the beach, please see if on duty before using the beach.  Bateria El Escambron Beach (south) is calm and perfect for little ones to play on the shallow side.  The main beach has a shallow and protected area where kids can snorkel.  Please never leave your children unattended as you would at any other beach or destination.

Couples:  Seeking intimate spots to get away from the crowds?  Escambron offers cozy spots where you can lay your towel or hang your hammock for that true getaway feeling.

Crowds:  Being on this beach barely feels like you’re in a city, during the high season (mid-November – April), Balneario El Escambron is still nice and quiet on weekdays.

Escambron Beach - Playa 8

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The beach has a lifeguard from Monday – Sunday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.

As soon as you step foot on this beach you’ll be seduced by shades of blue and swaying coconut palm trees …

This beach is protected by a coral wall that keeps the strong surf from coming in…

… creating a giant natural pool where you can swim, and do a little snorkeling.  From the turquoise waters, you’ll have a view of Castillo San Cristobal and the Capitol Building in the distance.

After swimming and snorkeling in clear waters…

a canopy of palm trees with blue skies awaits to keep you cool from the sun.

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Escambron Beach – West Corner

While most visitors stay in the center main beach area, those that wish for more solitude may wish to hang out on the west end of the beach.

Our favorite spot is right at the corner under these palm trees, perfectly distanced for hanging a hammock.  There’s a nice carpet of sand if you prefer to simply lay on a towel.  The space is tucked away, feels intimate, and is perfect for two or a small family.  Better get there early and grab it, you’ll be very happy.

You’ll have a clear view of the whole beach from this vantage point… this sandy corner is not heavily used, so the landscape is more natural adding a little special touch to the ambiance.

The water is shallow and clear making it a great spot for small children to play on the sand, and swim.

The restroom is located on the west side of Escambron Beach, making it the most convenient for families.

Escambron Beach – East Corner

You’ll notice more people with snorkel masks on the east corner, you’ll see more fish there because of all the rocks along that side.

Right along the rocky wall, you’ll find shallow tidal pools perfect for the little ones, they’ll get to enjoy the experience of playing on the water with schools of tiny tropical fish.  Below is a family that gave us permission to photograph them as they enjoyed the good life in Puerto Rico.

Bateria El Escambron Beach - "Playa 9"

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours - Escambron Beach - San Juan

It may be difficult to leave the main beach, but we encourage you to take a walk along the trail (see below) and head to Bateria El Escambron Beach also named Posita Escambron by locals.  The real magic of this beach is beneath the surface.  You may also access it through the cement pathway from the main beach.

The beach got its long name since it is located right next to Bateria El Escambron, one of the fortifications of San Juan.  This small beach is loved by families with small children for its shallow clear waters.  Since the beach is farther away from the parking lot, most families go to the main beach for the facilities and conveniences.  Those that prefer a quiet beach experience tend to go to La Posita Escambron when the main beach is busy.

When you first get there, you’ll notice that it is a small beach with city views, but as we just mentioned, the real magic is beneath the surface.   Most of the snorkeling tours in San Juan take place right here where you can snorkel in a natural aquarium with a colorful variety of fish and sea turtles often spotted here.

Going Scuba Diving - Playa El Escambron - San Juan, Puerto RIco

You may bring your own snorkel gear, but for the best experience we recommend you book a tour with a professional local tour guides.

Top Rated Scuba Diving Lessons in San Juan

Walking Trail to Bateria El Escambron

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Most beachgoers stay at the main beach leaving the trail nice and quiet.

Taking a walk at Playa El Escambron - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Beaches

We invite families and couples longing for a special quality time to take a short walk on the trail, where you’ll find lovely hidden spots to sit, relax, enjoy the views and sounds, and have a romantic conversation.  Boulders scattered along the shore help the ocean waves create a wonderful melody as they crash.  The views of the walls and San Cristobal Fort in the distance are really beautiful.

There are a few shaded spots and rocks along the trail that serve as seats, asking you to pause, put down the phone and simply enjoy the moment.

During low tide, you’ll be able to admire tidal pools that form along the rocky shore.

Please refrain from walking outside of the trail, the rocks may be slippery, and you may risk falling.

Once you get to the end of the trail, you’ll have sweeping views of the shore along Condado and Ocean Park in the distance.

At the end of the walking path, you may find a few locals fishing or people simply admiring the view.

From here you can visit the fortification of Bateria El Escambron, then finally enjoy swimming and snorkeling at La Posita Escambron. 

Facilities & Services at Balneario El Escambron

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lifeguard Services: Monday – Sunday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Food: Depending on the season, you may find a few food trucks with ice cream, candy, and a few beach items for sale.

Handicap Access to the Beach:  Ramp for individuals with a disability offering access to the beach.  If you require assistance ask the person at the entry ticket booth for more information or if you require assistance.  If you see a work, feel free to ask for help, Puerto Ricans are very friendly and always eager to help, so just ask. 

Restrooms:  You may want to bring a roll of toilet paper / wet wipes, and antibacterial lotion just in case they’re out of paper and soap – especially on a holiday or weekend when the beach gets the most visitors.

Showers:  Outdoor rinsing showers

Entrance Fee:  Entry to the beach is free if you drive in is $6 per car.  Rates are subject to change.

Photo Gallery - Balneario El Escambron

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Map - Balneario El Escambron

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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