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Laguna del Condado / Condado Lagoon - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Home to the Caribbean Manatee… A Quiet Retreat in the Middle of the City

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Just a block away from the bustling beachfront tourist district of Condado, Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon) stands as a cherished retreat for both locals and visitors looking to escape the crowds. While it may appear as a simple lagoon at first glance, the true enchantment unfolds when you embark upon the waters.  The Condado Lagoon, a serene estuary, is a haven for Caribbean Manatees who delight in playfully peeking their noses above the water’s surface to welcome visitors, as you enjoy several activities from kayaking to romantic floating picnics.

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Laguna del Condado - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Laguna del Condado / Condado Lagoon - San Juan, Puerto Rico

We hope you are enjoying the fun activities and attractions of San Juan, we invite you to slow down and head to Laguna del Condado where you can enjoy a number of experiences perfect for families and couples in love desiring a more intimate time on the water with few crowds.

Since the beaches of San Juan are on the Atlantic Ocean side, the water is more active, those wishing to enjoy more relaxed water experiences head to Laguna del Condado where the water is perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding.

For an exceptional and secure experience, we recommend securing a tour with our friendly professional guides.

Booking a tour:  We recommend you book tours ahead of time, especially during the high season (December – April).  

Go Kayaking under the Stars - The #1 Tour in San Juan - Save a Spot

Plan a Romantic Floating Picnic for your Loved One

Condado Lagoon has become a popular spot for romantics… arranging surprise floating picnics, is a really special experience.  For a more cost-effective option, you can rent a floating deck and pick up picnic items at a local store.  Hotels such as O:LV will arrange dinner on a” floating island” and champagne floating deck, prices range from $267 – $359.

Go Kayaking on the Calm Waters of Condado Lagoon

The water has pretty shades of blue and emerald greens.  Depending on the time of day and weather, the water is so clear you can see to the bottom.  You may spot shapes in orange hues, those are beautiful starfish… please observe but never touch or remove them from the water, just a few seconds out of the water may kill them.  As we previously noted, as you glide on the water, you may encounter Caribbean Manatees swimming by, it makes the lagoon experience so special.

Paddleboarding (SUP) at Condado Lagoon

During the mornings, locals love to go paddleboarding at Condado Lagoon, we invite visitors to enjoy this wonderful activity.  If you never went paddleboarding, Condado Lagoon is a great place to learn.

Snorkeling Tours at Condado Lagoon

Below the surface, vibrant coral reefs host many fish species, creating a captivating spectacle for snorkelers when the water conditions are optimal.  Turtles gracefully navigate these waters, adding to the marine charm.

Sunset Tours at Laguna del Condado

Rentals at Condado Lagoon

If you feel comfortable experiencing the lagoon for the first time on your own, there are rentals available from kayaks, SUP boards, and floating decks perfect for groups or romantic couples.  Availability is limited, so secure your spot ahead of time.

Highlights of Laguna del Condado

Condado - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Laguna del Condado is an inlet spanned by Puente Dos Hermanos (bridge).  The lagoon is to the left of the bridge, as pictured below.  While engaging in various activities, you’ll have the opportunity to observe birds nesting in the mangrove trees that fringe the lagoon.  With an average depth of 10 feet and certain areas plunging to depths of 35 feet, the Condado Lagoon offers a diverse aquatic landscape waiting to be explored. 

Adjacent to Condado Lagoon is the islet of El Boqueron, home to one of the fortifications of San Juan.

El Boqueron - Places to Visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The lagoon offers a quiet escape in the middle of the city where you can kayak, paddleboard, have fun with a water bike, swim, and do a little snorkeling on the calmest waters in the city.  Visitors who wish to start a fitness routine or stay active during vacation will enjoy taking a walk or a bike ride around the lagoon path which connects to a designated bicycle route that goes all the way to Old San Juan.

The time needed at Laguna del Condado – 2-3 hours is enough time to enjoy it fully.

Estuarine Reserve Laguna del Condado - Home to the Caribbean Manatee

The beautiful Caribbean Manatees, often referred to as the “elephants of the sea”, call Laguna del Condado home.  As you glide through the water, you may spot the most beloved manatee family in Puerto Rico, quite a sight to see.  Some are known to be playful with visitors, poking their noses out of the water to say hello right next to the kayak.  Please help us protect our natural treasures by NOT touching or feeding manatees.  Also do not remove starfish from the water, just a few seconds out of the water can kill them.

Take a few minutes to watch the following video by travelers like you…

Community projects such as the San Juan Estuary Program, have worked to protect, and stimulate the coral health and biodiversity of the lagoon.  Projects such as the installation of artificial reefs at Condado Lagoon significantly improved the number of species and colonies.  You may spot stunning eagle rays, turtles, and barracuda among other tropical sea creatures.

Be sure to take a look at the mangrove trees as you glide through the lagoon, you may spot Frigatebirds.  

Frigatebird / Pajaro de Fragata - Puerto Rico

Pelicans also love hanging along the mangroves, is fun to watch them playfully diving into the water in search of a snack.   

If you’d like to learn more about manatees, visit The Caribbean Manatee Conservation Center at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.  The center welcomes visitors wishing to learn about the conservation of manatees.  The tour includes an orientation in their research and rehabilitation laboratories and a firsthand view of the work of the Center to help safeguard this species from extinction.

ℹ️ For more information about the Caribbean Manatee Conservation Center and tours visit their website here.

Experiences at Laguna del Condado Under the Sun, Sunset & Stars

San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the cool things about Laguna del Condado is that you have all day to enjoy it… from early morning until the end of the day under dark starry skies.  Following is a quick guide to choosing the best time to experience the Condado Lagoon, we also include popular tours.

Mornings at Laguna del Condado

Mornings are really quiet at the Condado Lagoon and the waters are the most tranquil.  Mornings are the perfect time for paddleboarding, it feels extra calm at the lagoon. 

By 10 am the skies are a bolder blue and the waters are typically the clearest as the sun shines right above.

Morning / Afternoon Tours - Laguna del Condado

Sunset & Twilight at Laguna del Condado

Sunset at Laguna del Condado / Condado Lagoon - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sunset is a romantic time at Condado Lagoon .  Enjoying an activity at sunset is the perfect prelude to a nice dinner in the city.  Go kayaking, or surprise your loved one with a romantic floating picnic as the sun sets or embrace and relax on a floating deck.  Another popular activity sure to spark romance into your evening is a sunset catamaran ride at nearby San Juan Bay.

Sunset Tours at Laguna del Condado & San Juan Bay

Nights at Laguna del Condado

Condado Lagoon - San Juan, Puerto Rico

There’s something really special about being in the water under the dark night sky… as the city lights dance on the water.  All is calm at Laguna del Condado, a mesmerizing time to go kayaking at Condado Lagoon, one of the most popular things to do in San Juan. 

Places to Visit in San Juan Puerto Rico - Laguna del Condado

Don’t miss the remarkable night kayaking tour illuminated by enchanting LED lights, evoking the enchanting bioluminescent bays Puerto Rico is famous for.

Night Tours at Laguna del Condado

Swim & Relax at La Playita 

There is a small beach on the southwest side of the lagoon.  The beach spot is accessed by walking across the bridge towards the road (away from the coast).  The water is clear and shallow with a few shaded spots.

Safety:  Please swim in the designated bathing area.  Please be aware there are no lifeguards on this beach, you swim at your own risk.  Please supervise children at all times.

Beaches of San Juan Puerto Rico - Laguna del Condado - Condado Lagoon

Take a Stroll Around Condado Lagoon Park

Join locals early in the morning for a walk around the lagoon. 

  • You may park at the Calle Vieques entrance, and follow the walking path around the lagoon. 
  • You may also start your walk from Ashford Avenue, cross the Dos Hermanos Bridge, and walk around the lagoon on a scenic path overlooking the lagoon and Condado.  You’ll have to walk back the same way since it does not go all the way around.   

See the map below for access points. 

Best Places to Stay Near Laguna del Condado

If you stay at one of the hotels below, you can access the following places by foot:

O:LV Fifty Five Hotel - Adults Only

O:LV Fifty Five Hotel - Adults Only - San Juan, Puerto Rico


Condado Plaza Hilton

From $170 - Beachfront Resort

Condado Plaza Hilton is divided by Ashford Ave and connected through a bridge.  The south side faces Laguna del Condado giving guests easy access to the lagoon.  


Access Point from Ashford Drive

There are two main entry points to Condado Lagoon (see map below).  The most popular entry point is on Ashford Drive right across from Condado Plaza Hilton.  There’s a nice grassy area to sit and relax, and a few vendors selling snacks and drinks.  Some of the tours meet at this point.

From this spot, you can observe some mangrove trees and seagrass at the bottom where schools of fish love to play including beautiful starfish. 

From Ashford Drive in Condado, head west, and cross Dos Hermanos Bridge.  At the end of the bridge, turn left (south), right at the corner you’ll see the entry point to Playita at Condado Lagoon, a nice little beach with shallow clear water, a surprisingly quiet spot in the middle of the city.

From Calle Luisa, take Calle Vieques, leading to the main entrance to Parque Nacional Laguna del Condado Jamie Benitez (official name).

This is a nice area with an interpretative trail giving visitors information about the flora and fauna at the Estuary Reserve.

Some kayaking and SUP tours meet at this point, you may also check for rentals at this spot. 

Safety Tips at Condado Lagoon

Do not go past the bridge:  Although tempting, local experts do not recommend you go past the Dos Hermanos Bridge.  The area beyond the bridge is known as El Boqueron.  Locals that know the lagoon will often pass under the bridge to El Boqueron inlet when is safe to do so.

Book a tour:  If you are a visitor, please consider booking a tour, professional guides give great educational and safety information about the estuary.

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Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon) - San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Map - Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon)

San Juan, Puerto Rico

More Photos of Laguna del Condado

Condado - San Juan, Puert Rico

Experiences at Condado Lagoon

Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance as you indulge in a delightful floating picnic or venture out to the serene waters for a relaxing paddleboarding and kayaking experience.

Enhance your journey by embracing the art of yoga on a tranquil paddleboard, surrounded by the mesmerizing glow of city lights that dance in the night.  Be prepared for a delightful encounter with the gentle Caribbean manatee, gracefully gliding alongside you during your adventure.

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