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What was once a maintenance road for the city wall, is now a scenic, relaxing walk along the city walls that once protected the city.  You may access Paseo del Morro from inside the walls through Calle Caleta de San Juan and Calle Clara Lair.  If you start at Paseo de La Princesa, just pass the San Juan Gate and continue on to Paseo del Morro.

Paseo del Morro - Old San Juan Puerto Rico - UNESCO Heritage Site

Be sure to bring some water so you can have a more enjoyable and healthier walk down Paseo del Morro.  If you are coming from the city or all the way from Paseo de La Princesa, make a quick stop at the inside part of the San Juan Gate for a refreshing piragua, typically there is a stand at the corner. 

Paseo del Morro - San Juan National Historic Site - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Across the bay, you can see the silhouette of Isla de Cabras.

Paseo del Morro - San Juan National Historic Site - Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

If you love sunsets, Paseo del Morro is one of the best spots in San Juan to watch it.

Sunset in San Juan Puerto Rico - UNESCO - Paseo del Morro

Some of the most iconic images of San Juan are taken from La Rogative Square overlooking Paseo del Morro, the San Juan Gate, and Paseo de La Princesa overlooking the San Juan Bay… right at dusk the scene is truly breathtaking…

San Juan Puerto Rico - Beautiful at Night

When the skies turn dark, the city walls turn to a golden glow and lanterns lead the way back towards Paseo de La Princesa or into the city through San Juan Gate for a wonderful dinner. 

Sail to Admire The City Walls and The Best Views of the City

If you don’t wish to walk all the way down the promenade, a really magical and romantic way to admire the city walls is by cruising on a sailboat during sunset.

The experience is so special, sailing on San Juan Bay won a spot on the coveted TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards – Top Sailing Tours in the World.  Surprise your loved one with this one-of-a-kind experience.  This tour won the award with great reviews.

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San Juan Puerto Rico Best Tours / Experiences at San Juan Bay - Sailing

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Map -Paseo del Morro

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Paseo del Morro - San Juan, Puerto Rico