Walk the Streets of Old San Juan

Walk the streets of Old San Juan - Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you only have a day in Old San Juan, tour one of the forts and then simply walk the colorful streets of Old San Juan.  The simplicity of walking becomes an extraordinary experience in Old San Juan.  You want to look up constantly at the adorned wrought-iron balconies of colonial homes painted in bright or pastel colors.  The energy is vibrant, yet relaxed, like a tropical destination ought to be.  Old San Juan is like a giant museum with many attractions easily accessible by foot.  Drop the map and get lost around the 7 colorful blocks full of historical gems, museums, relaxed cafes, great shops, exquisite restaurants and more…  The free trolley is a nice way to give your feet a break and get acquainted with the Old City.  You can explore it yourself or conveniently book a walking tour.  Learn more about Old San Juan.

Walking Tours of Old San Juan

San Juan National Historic Site

San Juan National Historic Site - Points of Interest in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The forts of Old San Juan are must-see attractions, where you’ll step back 500 years in time.  Navigate these massive and magnificent fortifications and explore their tunnels, dungeons, ramps, and barracks.  Bring your camera for the hundreds of gorgeous photo ops, with the San Juan Bay as the perfect background.  The most popular and beloved fort on the island is Castillo San Felipe del Morro (El Morro), it is easier to navigate and the grounds are filled with joy with children and adults alike flying a kite, be sure to buy one and join in.  San Cristóbal is bigger and one of the top 5 must see attractions o the island. 

San Juan National Historic Site also includes the forts of San Juan de la Cruz (El Cañuelo) and the city walls.   More about San Juan National Historic Site attractions.

Relax & Play at San Juan Beaches

Relax and Play at the beach - Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

You’re planning a Caribbean vacation, so of course, you want beaches. Grab a lounge chair, put on sunblock and lay under the sun so you can return home with the perfect tan.  San Juan has a variety of beaches, from Miami-style to more laid-back natural settings.  We won’t tell you wich beach to visit, visit our beach guide to choose which best suits your preference.  Whether you want to just sit on a lounge chair and relax or be actively doing water sports, San Juan has a beach for you.  More about the Beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Stay at a beachfront hotel so you can simply walk to the beach and have easy access to great restaurants and beach side entertainment.   

Casa Bacardi

Casa Bacardi Distillery Tour - Puerto Rico

Casa Bacardi is one of the top attractions near San Juan.  Choose from a number of interesting tours.  Getting there is easy from Old San Juan, just a short ferry and taxi ride. More about Bacardi Distillery Tour.

Take a Walk Down Paseo de la Princesa

Paseo La Princesa - Points of Interest / Attractions in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Included on the list of “Most Scenic Walks in the World”, this walkway makes it to the top of our list for setting the mood for the start of a wonderful walking tour of Old San Juan. Paseo La Princesa is a must for romantics, a perfect place to hold hands, take in the views of the San Juan bay, watch the sunset, and admire the splendor of the walls of Old San Juan. More about Paseo de la Princesa, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Dine at Exquisite Restaurants & Relaxed Cafes

Dining in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Voted as one of the “Best Caribbean Islands for Foodies“, San Juan has turned cooking into a delicious art.  In San Juan, you can dig into the sultry flavors of Puerto Rican food or try the many restaurants that take fusion cuisine to a whole new level.  There are dining options to fit every budget and to satisfy every palette.  Old San Juan & Condado Tourist Districts are among the best foodies destinations in San Juan.  Buen Provecho!!  More about Dining in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Food Tours


Enjoy the Vibrant Nightlife

Nightlife - San Juan, Puerto Rico

The city of San Juan becomes vibrant and exciting, as well as very romantic and relaxed when the sun sets.  Many events take place in San Juan, from live music at the parks and plazas, to formal events, art exhibits, plays and concerts.  You can also try your luck at the casinos throughout Isla Verde and dance the night away at chic nightclubs.  More about Nightlife in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Night Tours in San Juan

Shop at Unique & Interesting Shops

Shopping - Things to do in San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan offers a great variety of shops ranging from local art galleries, unique souvenir shops, boutiques and luxury stores.  Head to Ashford Avenue in Condado, New San Juan, for boutiques and luxury stores.  Head to Plaza Las Americas, the biggest mall in the Caribbean with a great variety of stores.  In Old San Juan, you’ll find many typical souvenirs shops, but if you look more closely as you walk the city, you’ll find some of the most unique and interesting shops with exquisite jewelry, clothing, artisans, art galleries, and the popular authentic Panama hats.