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San Juan, Puerto Rico… All The Excitement of a Vibrant City with the Allure of Tropical Beaches… Birthplace of the Piña Colada

Tourism Guide - Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for a beach escape with vibrant city life, San Juan has it down to perfection.  San Juan is one of the most accessible and affordable beach escapes in the Caribbean. Unlike most city beach destinations, you will find the beaches of San Juan to be relaxed and uncrowded on weekdays. Enjoy miles of beaches with plenty of room to relax on the sand.  Whether you like a trendy Miami style or a more casual scene, you can find a beach in San Juan to meet your needs.

In just a 3.5 hour flight from many cities in the US, you can find yourself laying under a palm tree enjoying the pleasures of a Caribbean island, with a vibrant culture, friendly hospitality and delicious food that Puerto Rico is known for.

Condado is a trendy and chic beach destination with luxury beachfront resorts.  Ocean Park beaches are more casual and uncrowded.  Escambron is picture-perfect with hundreds of palm trees and crystalline waters.  Be sure to leave time to visit the many nearby beaches around the island that feel like a world away.

Escambron Beach / Balneario El Escambron – San Juan, PR

Escambron Beach - San Juan Puerto Rico Beaches

The best beach in the capital city of San Juan located in Puerta de Tierra, right in between Old San Juan & Condado.  Here at Escambron, you can enjoy swimming waters, snorkeling, sights of a historic site, sweeping views of Condado and Old San Juan, great food, facilities, and two other additional beaches.  Balneario El Escambron, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado Beach – Condado – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado Beach - San Juan Puerto Rico Beaches

Enter the trendy Condado Beach where sand, sun, water, casinos, shopping, music under the stars and trendy beachfront hotels and casinos come together Miami Beach style.  Condado beach is not only beautiful but also fun with wave action.  Great hotels face the beach of Condado, making it very convenient for hotel guests to enjoy the beach as well as water sport activities just a few steps away.  You can find shaded spots under palm trees to the far left at Ventana al Mar park for the perfect nap with your loved one.  Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

La Playita del Condado – Condado – San Juan, PR

Playita del Condado - San Juan Puerto Rico Beaches

Playita del Condado (Small Beach of Condado) is a small beach with aquamarine blues and city views.   If you’re traveling with small children, you may want to visit La Playita in Condado, a small beach that makes up for it with calm waters safe for swimming and playing.  Stay at the hotel next door to enjoy it in just a few steps away.  + Playita del Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ocean Park Beach – Ocean Park – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ocean Park - San Juan Puerto Rico Beaches

A popular beach for both locals and visitors with a more laid back vibe and fewer crowds than nearby Isla Verde and Condado beach.  The sand is soft and golden, and if you get here early, you’ll find a shaded spot under a palm tree.  When you get hungry you don’t have to leave the beach, there are nice beachfront restaurants so you can continue enjoying your beach experience as you dine.  + Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Playa Peña – Beach in Old San Juan – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Playa Peña - Beach in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A secret surprise because not many people get to visit or know about this little gem right across from the Capitol Building, just pass the San Cristobal Fortress.  Once here, you’ll forget you’re in a major city, you may be sharing this beach with a few other couples.  During low tide this beach is nice for watching and listening to the waves, taking a dip, and getting a great tan. Don’t miss taking a walk down to the fort ruins.  Playa Peña in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Great Beaches near San Juan, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde Beach, Carolina, PR

Isla Verde Beach - Best beaches near San Juan, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde a long wide beach in the nearby town of Carolina, popular for water sports, jogging and swimming on its calmer waters. Isla Verde actually has three beaches, it is a very popular tourist destination for its great beachfront resorts, hotels, dining and water sports.  When you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose from.  + Isla Verde Beaches in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

La Posita – Loiza, Puerto Rico

La Posita Beach - Beaches near San Juan, Puerto Rico

+ La Posita Beach – Loiza, Puerto Rico

Map of Beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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