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Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, P

This page talks about 1 of the 3 access points for Ocean Park Beach in San Juan. If you just arrived to the site looking for information on Ocean Park Beach please start reading here.

Ocean Park is a long beach, here we give you the mid beach which can be accessed through McLeary Ave & Santa Ana Street, just look for the Laundry & Puma Gas Station on McLeary Ave. 

This part of Ocean Park is mainly for residents and hotel guests.   There is practically no parking, most off-street parking is occupied by residents.

Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, P

We love this stretch of beach, it’s quiet and the beach is very wide.  Numero Uno Guesthouse is a great place to stay to enjoy this beach at really affordable rates.  Numero Uno Guesthouse rake the sand in front of the guesthouse and keep it clean, they have some palm trees offering shade and you can eat with your toes on the sand.

Numero Uno Guest house - Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Numero Uno Guesthouse - Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico