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Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ocean Park Beach is a favorite spot for locals in San Juan and gaining popularity a among tourists.   The young locals like to refer to it as “Ocean”.  The wide mile long beach is framed by a few shaded spots with palm trees along the way, residential condominiums, private residences, vacation rentals, restaurants, and a few boutique hotels, small inns, and guesthouses.

Ocean Park has a very casual, low-key vibe.  Even on high tourist season you will find the beach to be pretty relaxed and uncrowded. Ocean Park Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean side featuring pretty blues from deep navy blues to aquamarine. The sand is a light golden color, soft and light.


Below is a scene at Ocean Park Beach on a Saturday morning mid March. Relaxed and uncrowded perfect for a relaxing long walk. During the summer months and weekends, it gets much busier.  If you dislike crowded spaces, avoid it on holiday weekends.

Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sand Ripples - Ocean Park - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ripples on the sand before anyone stepped foot on the beach in the morning…

Activities at Ocean Park Beach – San Juan

Walking / Jogging – The softness and lightness of the sand and the width of the beach makes it a great beach for long walks and runs on the shores.

Ocean Park Beach is popular among dog owners, you’ll see people walking their dogs early in the mornings.

Water Sports – Ocean Park is popular for windsurfers and a few other water sports. There are a few businesses offering rentals nearby.

Lounging on the Sand – Of course, lounging on the sand is a favorite, if you don’t have an umbrella and you’d like a shaded spot, there are palm and almond trees along the beach but not many, be sure to get here early, especially on weekends and holidays to grab a spot.  The small inns on the beach offer lounge chairs for guests.

Swimming at Ocean Park Beach – Please keep in mind that Ocean Park Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean side. The waves are rougher but yet more gentle than neighboring beach of Condado.   Ocean Park is most popular for water sports, but not the best for swimming, especially children.

Access to Ocean Park Beach, San Juan

Ocean Park is easy to miss and a little difficult for first time visitors to find because the shores of Ocean Park Beach are lined by high-rise condominiums, residences and a few small inns.  Following is information on the access points to Ocean Park Beach.

  • Parque del Indio – Entrance to Ocean Park Beach, located right at the end of Condado.
  • Santa Ana & McLeary Ave. – Entrance to Ocean Park Beach through Santa Ana & McLeary Ave, this entrance is mainly for residents and guests staying at the small inns located on this stretch.
  • Parque Barbosa (El Ultimo Trolley) – Right across from Parque Barbosa on the east end of Ocean Park Beach.

Ultimo Trolley Beach – Ocean Park – San Juan

 Facilities at Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, PR

  • There are no public restrooms along the beach.
  • You can enjoy a nice lunch or breakfast at various restaurants nearby.

Parking at Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Parking - Ocean Park Beach - San Juan, Puerto RicoThe east end of Ocean Park beach offers free and convenient parking just steps across from the beach around Barbosa Park, making it very convenient to carry your beach chairs and cooler.

More information about parking in Ocean Park, San Juan. 

Map of Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Ocean Park Beach & Access Points - San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Ocean Park Beach west - Parque del Indio access point - Condado, San Juan: 18.454784, -66.060587
Ocean Park Beach - Santa Ana Access Point – San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.454860, -66.055255
El Ultimo Trolley - Ocean Park Beach at Parque Barbosa - Ocean Park, San Juan: 18.452906, -66.048603


To have the best access to Ocean Park without breaking your wallet, book a stay at one of the small hotels, guest houses and beach rentals right on the beach.

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