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San Juan is a foodies destination, often described as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean.  Many of the island’s most talented world-renowned chefs have restaurants in tourist areas of the city.  Dig into the sultry flavors of Puerto Rican food, or try the many restaurants that take fusion cuisine to a whole new level.

There are plenty of options from fine dining, to relaxed outdoor cafes to cool food truck spots.  The bars, the drinks… amazing… after all Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world.   After dinner, go bar hopping in Old San Juan, Condado or Santurce.  

 Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world, where the Piña Colada was born.  If you love coffee, you’ll fall in love with the bold flavor and aroma of Puerto Rico’s coffee, grown deep in the verdant mountains.  As you tour Old San Juan, enjoy a great cup of cafe con leche in romantic cozy shops and outdoor relaxed cafes in narrow streets or along the San Juan Bay.

Come to San Juan and find out for yourself why this vibrant city has been voted as the Capital of Caribbean Cuisine and voted as one of the Best Islands for Foodies.

Popular Food Tours in San Juan

Puerto Rico

Popular Restaurants in San Juan

Puerto Rico

Popular Restaurants in Condado

1919  (American Cuisine) – lobby of The Vanderbilt Hotel, 1055 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 724-1919

Ali Baba Turkish Rest.  (Middle Eastern, Mediterranean) – 1214 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 722-1176

Budatai  (Asian Cuisine)1056 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 725-6919

Perla  (Seafood) – 1077 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 977-3285

Pikayo  (Latin American) – Condado Plaza Hilton, 990 Ashford Avenue, Condado
(787) 721-6194

Ropa Vieja Grill  (Cuban, Latin American) – 1021 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 725-2665

Ummo Argentinian Grill  (Argentine) – 1351 Ave Ashford, Condado
(787) 722-1700

Yantar  (Spanish, Modern European) – 1018 Ashford Ave., Condado
(787) 724-3737

Popular Restaurants in Miramar

Augusto’s  (French Cuisine) – Courtyard Marriott, Ave. Ponce de Leon 801, Miramar
(787) 725-7700

Casita Miramar  (American-New) – 605 Miramar Avenue, Miramar
(787) 200-8227

José  Enrique  (Latin American, Puerto Rican) – 176 Calle Duffaut, Miramar
(787) 725-3518

Santaella  (Seafood, Latin Amer., Puerto Rican) – 219 Calle Canals, Miramar
(787) 725-1611

Popular Restaurants in Ocean Park

Kasalta  (Spanish Cuisine) – 1966 Calle McLeary, Ocean Park
(787) 727-7340

Nonna Cucina Rustica  (Italian) – Calle San Jorge, Suite 103, Ocean Park
(787) 998-6555

Pa’l Cielo  (Caribbean, Peruvian) – 2056 Calle Loiza, Ocean Park
(787) 727-6798

Popular Restaurants in Old San Juan

311 Trois Cent Onze  (French Cuisine) – 311 Calle Fortaleza, Old San Juan
(787) 725-7959 

Barrachina  (Latin American, Caribbean) – 104 Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan
(787) 725-7912

Café El Punto  (Latin American, Mexican)– 105 Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan
(787) 646-4943

Café Puerto Rico  (Caribbean) – Calle O’Donnell, 208, Old San Juan
(787) 724-2281

Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano  (American + Jazz & Blues music) – 500 Calle San Justo
(787) 725-4927

Casa Cortés ChocoBar  (Chocolate Cuisine)210 Calle De San Francisco, Old San Juan
(787) 722-0499

Casa de España Restaurant  (Spanish Cuisine)Ave. Constitución #9, Old San Juan
(787) 724 1044 / (787) 722 3611

El Jibarito  (Latin American, Puerto Rican) – Calle Sol 280, Old San Juan
(787) 725-8375

La Mallorquina  (Latin American) – Calle San Justo 207, Old San Juan
(787) 722-3261

Marmalade  (Caribbean, French) – 317 Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan
(787) 724-3969

Punto de Vista  (Latin Amer., Puerto Rican) – 307 Calle Fortaleza, Rooftop of Hotel Milano
(787) 725-4860

Popular Restaurants in Isla Verde, Carolina

Ceviche House  (Peruvian)79 Isla Verde Ave., Isla Verde
(787) 726-0919

El Alambique  (Latin American) – 5806 Calle Tartak, Condado Racquet Club
(787) 253-5806

Yamiko Sushi Bar  (Sushi, Japanese) – 5960 Isla Verde Ave., Isla Verde
(787) 982-3322 

Note: There is no smoking permitted at indoor or outdoor restaurants in Puerto Rico.

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