Catamaran and Boat Tours to Culebra w/ Transportation from San Juan

The following tours to Culebra offer the convenience of transportation from San Juan; some tours include it on the price, and some offer transport with an additional fee.  It is recommended that you use the transportation the tours offers, since they have arrangements with drivers to save you money and to make the process smooth.

Transportation Options: If you wish, you also have the option to book a transfer (see below) or take a taxi or an Uber to Fajardo.  If you take a taxi and don’t make it in time, you risk losing your tour.

+ Transfers from San Juan to Fajardo

Culebra Snorkeling Tours from San Juan by Ferry

The following tours to Culebra, offer transportation from San Juan.   You will be picked up in San Juan and driven to the Ceiba Ferry terminal; once you’re in Culebra, you’ll be taken on the snorkeling tour. 

Need to Know:  The drive from San Juan to Ceiba is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The ferry ride to Culebra from Ceiba is about 45 minutes.