La Fortaleza

La Fortaleza - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Fortaleza

La Fortaleza / Palacio Santa Catalina and Casa Blanca were the first fortifications built in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Today, Palacio Santa Catalina is the official residence of Puerto Rico’s governor. Guided tours are available.

Casa Blanca Museum

Casa Blanca Museum - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca, the oldest home on the island of Puerto Rico, is tucked away in the corner of a street, the mansion built for Juan Ponce de Leon and his family.  You'll tour through gardens, mansion living spaces and a display of artifacts and historic facts. This is an easy stop after touring El Morro.  More about Casa Blanca Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Fortín de San Gerónimo de Boqueron

Fortin de San Geronimo de Boqueron - Condado - Points of Interest

Fortín de San Gerónimo del Boquerón

You won't find Fortin on any top lists but we think it is worth a stop.  Fortin Geronimo is sadly at risk of collapsing into the water and it may not be standing for long.  This small fort is an easy walk for those staying in Condado.  Paseo Caribe makes visiting even more interesting, you can stop at various restaurants and shops after seeing the fort.  Entry to the fort is not allowed, you'll be observing it from the paseo.  Fortin is located inside the Caribe Hilton and can be accessed through the entrance at the corner of Dos Hermanos / Paseo Caribe. 

El Capitolio

El Capitolio / Capitol Building - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Attractions

El Capitolio

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building is the meeting place for the Legislative Assembly. El Capitolio (the capitol building) is located just outside the Old City Walls. The constitution of Puerto Rico is exhibited on the first floor.  It is open to visitors Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

The Ballajá Barracks

Cuartel de Ballaja - The Ballajá Barracks - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cuartel de Ballaja

Built between 1854 y 1864 to house Spanish soldiers and their families.  Today Cuartel Ballaja is a cultural center housing Museo de Las Americas, a coffee shop, restaurant, dance school and some offices.

Tel:   787-721-3737

Old San Juan Cemetery

Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - Attractions

Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery

Most people don’t connect visiting a cemetery with a Caribbean vacation, but it is definitely worth visiting this Puerto Rican landmark. The cemetery sits outside the 20 foot walls of fort El Morro – overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Many notable Puerto Ricans are buried here. Once you come in, you may find yourself wishing for your remains to be buried in this place. Many Puerto Ricans are dying to get a burial lot here (no pun intended). More about Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery

Cathedral of San Juan...

Cathedral of San Juan Bautista - Old San Juan, Puerto RIco

Cathedral San Juan Bautista

Cathedral San Juan Bautista - Visit the second oldest cathedral built in the Americas. The San Juan Cathedral was the first school in Puerto Rico and the first under the U.S. Flag.  The remains of Juan Ponce de Leon rest inside the church.

Raices Fountain

Fuente Raices / Raices Fountain - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Raices Fountain

The Raices Fountain is a popular spot among visitors.  Raices translate to roots, and the fountain represents just that – the roots of Puerto Rican culture, made up of Tainos (natives), Spaniards and Africans.  See it at Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan.

La Rogativa

La Rogativa - Landmark - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Rogativa

One of the most beautiful and meaningful statues in Old San Juan is centered at one of the top 5 most scenic spots of San Juan. Learn more about La Rogativa.

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