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Tren Urbano…the first of its kind in the Caribbean

DTOP Tren Urbano - San Juan Puerto Rico Train

Photo: DTOP – Tren Urbano

Although not a very common travel method used by San Juan tourists, the Tren Urbano (Urban Train) is heavily used by citizens of Puerto Rico, business travelers, work commuters, and even bicyclists to travel throughout the San Juan, Puerto Rico metropolitan areas and beyond.  The train system offers a very timely, affordable, and convenient way to travel around the main metro and suburban areas of San Juan, and parts of the neighboring cities of Guaynabo and Bayamón.

This rapid transit train system began trial operations in December 2004 and became fully operational in June 2005.  It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean.  It is managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works, (DTOP – Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas).  This modern, automated electric train system currently covers 10.7 miles (17.2 km) between San Juan and Bayamon and services over 40,000 passengers every day.  It has a top speed of 55 mph, and the ride from Bayamon to San Juan only takes about 30 minutes.  Tren Urbano takes pride in being a very affordable, efficient, safe, and dependable means of transportation and is comfortable for people with disabilities as well.

Please read on for more information including rates, schedules, train stations, maps, accessibility, parking, public safety, and future plans for expansion.

Information & Customer Service

  • DTOP Tren Urbano TrainThe Customer Service Center is located at the underground Rio Piedras station.
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
  • Tel. 866-900-1284
  • Tren Urbano – Official Site


  • Regular Fare = $1.50 (per trip)
  • Students = $0.75 (per trip)
  • Ages 60-74 = $0.75 (per trip)
  • People with Disabilities or on Medicare = $0.75 (per trip)
  • 6 years and under, 75 years and older = FREE
  • Unlimited use rates: 1 day $5 | 7 days $15 | 30 days $50 | 90 days $90
  • Free transfers can be made to AMA buses or Metrobus
  • Tickets can be purchased at all 16 stations having vending machines that accept cash, debit cards, VISA, and MasterCard

Stations / Stops and DTOP Map

There are currently 16 stations spanning 3 municipalities along the operating route.  12 are in San Juan, 1 in Guaynabo, and 3 in Bayamón.  Following is an ordered list of the stops and any nearby landmarks, attractions, etc. starting from San Juan in the north, heading south, then west to Bayamon.  Also included is a customized DTOP train station / route map image.

Stations / Stops / Terminals

(E) – track is elevated     (U) – underground     (S) – street level

  • Sagrado Corazon, San Juan (E) – Universidad del Sagrado Corazon
  • Hato Rey, San Juan (E)Coliseo de Puerto Rico
  • Roosevelt, San Juan (E) – Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico & Gandara Park
  • Domenech, San Juan (E) – Dept. of Labor & Human Resources
  • Piñero, San Juan (E) – San Juan Judicial Center & Auxilio Mutuo Hospital
  • Universidad, San Juan (U) – University & Seminary of Puerto Rico
  • Rio Piedras, San Juan (U) – Tren Urbano Customer Service Center, shopping, main Publico transportation terminal
  • Cupey, San Juan (E)Jardin Botanico
  • Centro Medico, San Juan (S) – Veterans Affairs & Hospital, Medical Centers & University of P.R. – Medical Sciences
  • San Francisco, San Juan (E) – Industrial Commission of PR, AMA Office
  • Las Lomas, San Juan (E) – Residential area
  • Martinez Nadal, San Juan / Guaynabo (S) – Hospital Metropolitano, shopping
  • Torrimar, Guaynabo (S) – Residential area
  • Jardines, Bayamon (S) – Residential area
  • Deportivo, Bayamon (E) – Santa Rosa Shopping Mall, Bayamon Central Park, Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum & J.R. Loubriel Stadium
  • Bayamon (E) – Condominio River Park, Hospital, ICPR Junior College


San Juan Puerto Rico Train Tren Urbano Map

Source: DTOP – Enlarge Map

Interactive Train Station Map

Use the map below to zoom in on each train stop / terminal, to see nearby landmarks, community facilities, government buildings, educational institutions, shopping, dining, attractions and more.

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Tren Urbano (Urban Train) - San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Sagrado Corazon Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.436378, -66.060362
Hato Rey Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.429487, -66.060158
Roosevelt Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.423400, -66.058913
Domenech Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.415399, -66.056381
Piñero Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.410554, -66.055330
Universidad Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.405128, -66.051779
Rio Piedras Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.399284, -66.052229
Cupey Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.390753, -66.062872
Centro Medico Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.391618, -66.074932
San Francisco Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.390885, -66.082839
Las Lomas Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.390875, -66.093975
Martinez Nadal Train Station - San Juan, Puerto Rico: 18.391221, -66.101421
Torrimar Train Station - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico: 18.391903, -66.118813
Jardines Train Station - Bayamón, Puerto Rico: 18.394163, -66.128061
Deportivo Train Station - Bayamón, Puerto Rico: 18.394387, -66.149572
Bayamón Train Station - Bayamón, Puerto Rico: 18.400190, -66.153821

Operating Schedule & Trip Durations

Be sure to check out for live arrival & departure times by station and for information about their train schedule app for your mobile phone.


  • Operating hours: 7 days per week, 5:30 am – 11:30 pm
  • Train follows strict timetables set by DTOP
  • Trains pass, arrive / depart as follows: Weekdays: 5:30am-6am every 12 minutes; 6am-8:30am every 8 minutes; 8:30am-3:30pm every 16 minutes; 3:30pm-4pm every 12 minutes; 4pm-5pm every 8 minutes; 5pm-6pm every 10 minutes; 6pm-6:30pm every 12 minutes; and 6:30pm-11:30pm every 16 minutes.  On Weekends, trains pass every 16 minutes.
  • There is No train service during the following holidays: New Year’s Day; Magi (3 Kings Day) – January 6; Presidents’ Day; Abolition of slavery – March 22; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Constitution Day of PR – July 25; Labor Day; Discovery of America – October 12; Thanksgiving; Christmas

Trip Durations from Sagrado Corazon to Bayamon


The train stations can be conveniently accessed by the following means besides walking:


Free parking is available for riders at the following stations:

  • Bayamón
  • Jardines, Bayamón
  • Torrimar, Guaynabo
  • Martínez Nadal, San Juan / Guaynabo
  • San Francisco, San Juan
  • Sagrado Corazón, San Juan

Private, paid parking is available at the following stations:

  • Deportiva
  • Piñero


Riding the train in Puerto Rico is indeed safe.  Public safety is provided by the Puerto Rico Police Department, private security companies, and a strike force unit that specializes in monitoring suspicious activities – especially any attempts at terrorism.

Future Plans for Expansion

Phase 1 has been completed and operating for 10 years.  However, as shown on the map image below, there are more exciting planning phases underway to better service citizens, commuters, tourists, and business travelers.

  • Northern expansion to Minillas, Santurce – Planned, Phase 1A
  • Eastern branch through the Carolina municipality – Planned, Phase 2
  • Branch to the San Juan International Airportconceptual
  • A branch through Miramar, Santurce, with access to the Convention Center District and into Old San Juanconceptual
  • Southern branch to the city of Caguas – conceptual
  • Western expansion to Toa Baja – conceptual
Tren Urbano Master Plan

Tren Urbano Master Plan – source:

Sources: Tren Urbano – Official Site, UPR MayaguezWikipedia, 

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