A user-friendly lookup table follows.  We sure hope it helps you find what you’re looking for.

San Juan, the capital and largest city in Puerto Rico, utilizes 36 (20%) of the 176 postal/zip codes and also both area codes used throughout the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and its offshore islands.  So there is no simple answer to the question “what is the zip code for San Juan, Puerto Rico?” – which is why we constructed this informational page and lookup table.  San Juan is also one of 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico, which resemble counties in the U.S.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) administers and delivers the mail in Puerto Rico – just as it does in the United States.  When addressing a letter or package to San Juan, as seen in the table below, “San Juan” is always acceptable per the USPS.  There are also “Acceptable Alias(es)” that can be used instead as also shown below.  The USPS zip code classifications or “Types” include Standard, P.O. Box, or Unique (to an organization or company) and appear in the table below as well.   “Mainland” Puerto Rico utilizes 174 zip codes.  In addition, there are 2 separate zip codes for the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra.  For help finding postal/zip or area codes throughout all of Puerto Rico, not just in San Juan, click here.

The primary landline telephone and mobile/cellphone area codes of San Juan and Puerto Rico are 787 and 939, respectively.  939 was added mainly to facilitate the growth of mobile phone use through the years.  Like the United States, the country code is “+1”, (i.e. 1+939+###+####).  Calling San Juan or elsewhere in Puerto Rico is no different from calling out-of-state from within a U.S. mainland state (i.e. same as calling New York from Texas).


Below you’ll find an interactive table we developed to hopefully help you locate postal/zip codes and/or area codes for communities, subdivisions, areas (like Old San Juan), aliases and more in the San Juan municipality (or vice versa).  To find the information you’re looking for, you can (1) simply scroll up and down the page, (2) use the “Search:” box located at the top right of the table below and enter a location, zip code, etc., or (3) you can sort any column you wish by simply clicking on the column heading.

Names in the table highlighted in blue provide links to more information.

Interactive San Juan Zip Code & Area Code Table

City / MunicipalityUSPS Acceptable Alias(es)Zip CodeTypeArea Code(s)
San JuanRomantic, colorful street in Old San Juan, Puerto RicoOld San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn Juan00901Standard787 or 939
San JuanOld San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn Juan00902P.O. Box
San JuanEscambron Beach - San Juan, Puerto RicoPuerta De Tierra, Pta De Tierra00906P.O. Box
San JuanVentana al Mar Park - Condado - San Juan, Points of InterestCondado, Miramar, Santurce00907Standard787 or 939
San Juan00908P.O. Box
San JuanFdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos, Minillas, Santurce00909Standard787 or 939
San JuanFdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos00910P.O. Box
San JuanHotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Ocean ParkOcean Park, Santurce00911Standard787 or 939
San JuanSanturce00912Standard788 or 939
San Juanisla-verde-puerto-rico-beachesIsla Verde, Santurce00913Standard789 or 939
San JuanSanturce00914P.O. Box
San JuanBarrio Obrero, Bo Obrero, Santurce00915Standard787
San JuanBarrio Obrero, Santurce00916P.O. Box
San JuanHato Rey00917Standard787
San Juan00918Standard787
San JuanHato Rey00919P.O. Box
San JuanCaparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra Terrace, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo00920Standard787 or 939
San JuanCollege Park, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo, Rio Piedras00921Standard939
San JuanCaparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra Terrace00922P.O. Box
San Juan65th Infantry00923Standard787
San JuanRio Piedras, 65th Infantry00924Standard787
San JuanRio Piedras00925Standard787
San JuanCupey, Rio Piedras00926Standard787
San JuanRio Piedras00927Standard787 or 939
San JuanRio Piedras00928P.O. Box
San JuanRio Piedras, 65th Infantry00929P.O. Box
San JuanRio Piedras, San Jose00930P.O. Box
San JuanRio Piedras00931P.O. Box
San Juan00933P.O. Box
San JuanCentro Medico Metropolitano00935UNIQUE
San JuanBarrio Obrero, Caparra, Cupey, Minillas, Old San Juan, Rio Piedras, San Jose, Santurce00936P.O. Box
San Juan00937P.O. Box
San Juan00939UNIQUE
San JuanMinillas, Santurce00940P.O. Box
San Juan00955P.O. Box
San JuanBureau of Census00975UNIQUE

All data was researched and compiled from United States Postal Service (USPS) sources.