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Parking Garages, Outdoor Lots, Street Parking and Insider’s Tips

San Juan Puerto Rico Parking Guide

Old San Juan is a walkable city, but outside the city walls there’s much more to see.  Taxis can get expensive if you want to explore and enjoy all the interesting places to visit in the capital city of San Juan.  After renting a car, one of your challenges may be finding a place to park.  We drove around a lot and spent much time putting together information on parking so you can spend your valuable time exploring the city.

This page and the Parking Guides were created to provide you useful information and tips about parking garages, parking lots, free and metered street parking, valet parking, and hotel & casino parking in the main San Juan tourist areas.

We spend a tremendous amount of time and effort putting together this information for our readers, if you find this article helpful, please don’t copy it and paste it somewhere else.  We kindly ask that you provide a link to this page, which we do our best to continuously keep up to date. Thanks in advance for your support. 🙂  

Below you’ll find parking guides for San Juan International Airport, historic Old San Juan, Condado, Puerta de Tierra, the Convention Center business district (Puerto Rico Convention Center, Pan American Cruise Pier, Isla Grande Airport), Ocean Park Beach, and Isla Verde.  The Parking Guide Pages (links below) include detailed information and maps by area – showing names of parking facilities, locations, hours, and rates for parking near attractions, the airports, cruise piers, beaches, hotels & resorts, casinos, shopping, and more.

General Parking Information and Tips for Tourist Areas

Garage Parking Sign

Parking (Estacionamiento) garages and parking lots typically cost more per hour in New San Juan tourist areas than in historical Old San Juan.  Garages and lots typically have spaces available.  If you prefer to try and park for free on the street, make sure to get to your destination early as spaces are taken quickly.  Most hotels and resorts with casinos offer daily guest parking in secure garages and lots and Free parking for casino members (membership free with ID).

Please keep in mind that some parking garage and lot rates appearing in the Parking Guide pages and maps include 7% sales tax and some do not, so they may be off by 7%.  We will continue to update information on parking facilities and specific parking rates as it becomes available.

Methods of Payment: Some parking garages and lots accept ATH/direct debit, and VISA/MasterCard instead of cash.  However, it is always best to carry cash; and you’ll need quarters for metered street parking.

Garage Parking

  • Convenient – especially with in/out privileges
  • Great locations near attractions
  • Best for protection from the elements
  • Safe with video surveillance in place
  • Typically offer full-day discounts

Outdoor Parking Lots

San Juan Puerto Rico Parking Lot

  • Very Safe (w/someone in toll booth or video surveillance)
  • Many convenient locations
  • Faster in/out than garages
  • Only a few offer a discounted full-day rate
  • No protection from the elements

Street & Metered Parking

Free Street Parking:

Tip – “the early bird gets the worm.”  If you have some extra time, and don’t mind walking a few blocks, it may pay off to get up early and drive around a little to find free street parking.  But be careful, because just like in the U.S., you may get ticketed / fined if you park on the street where the curb is yellow (commercial / taxi use only) and most definitely if colored red (fire hydrant) or blue (disabled only).  Only park along curbs with no coloring so you have no worries.  Free street parking is hardest to find in Old San Juan and near beaches, hotels/resorts, casinos, shopping, and other tourist travel areas.  The farthest from tourist areas you park,  the less police presence you’ll see.  Just like any other city, common sense should be practiced, don’t leave valuables in the car such as travel documents, always keep those inside the safe in your hotel room.

Metered Street Parking Rates / Rules:

Street Parking in San Juan

  • Look for meters or “Estacionamiento Pagando Metro” signs (yellow & white)
  • 1st hour $0.50, 2nd hour $0.75 (max. 2 hours for $1.25)
  • Time expired fine $35
  • Enforced Monday – Saturday, 8am – 12 noon and Holidays

Parking Guides for Tourist Destinations in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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