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Getting around San Juan, Puerto Rico

By Taxi:

Taxis from the airport, Puerto Rico Convention Center, or cruise ship terminals, are managed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.  At the San Juan airport you’ll find a bilingual representative if you need a receipt.

Fees are set to and from certain tourist areas with an additional charge of $1 for each piece of luggage and a $1 surcharge for trips at night. The price from the airport should be approximately $23 with luggage – slightly less from the convention center.  Trips from cruise ship piers are much less and depends on which pier your ship uses.  Trips from New San Juan hotels, resorts, and beaches, are metered fares.  More information on taxi rates in San Juan.

[divider]Driving from the Airport to Old San Juan if Renting a Car:

All rental car agencies at the San Juan International Airport are on the 1st level of the parking garage.  They will help point you in the right direction toward Old San Juan.

Your trip to Old San Juan from SJU is about 8 miles.

  • Take Route 17 out of the airport for 1 mile.
  • Follow signs to get on Route 26 toward San Juan.
  • Continue on PR 26 for 4.5 miles.
  • After passing the Condado Lagoon on your right, follow signs for Route 25 into Viejo (Old) San Juan and continue 2 miles and past the Capitol Building on the left.
  • You will see the old fort San Cristobal on your right as you enter Old San Juan.
You may also want to read about Parking in Old San Juan.

[divider]From Cruise Ship Piers to Old San Juan:

When you arrive to San Juan by cruise, there will be plenty of taxis available to offer transport into Old San Juan.

There are several cruise ship piers in San Juan.

Piers in Old San Juan are just a few blocks from attractions and hotels in Old San Juan.  You can take the free trolley, walk a few blocks, or take a taxi.

The Pan American Pier is located about a mile away near the Puerto Rico Convention Center.  From there, you will need transportation to Old San Juan.  Check with your cruise ship to see which pier they will use while in San Juan and if they have made arrangements for a shuttle bus or transfer service into the old city.  If not, you’ll need to take a taxi.

[divider]Ride a Bus to Old San Juan:

The Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) runs the public bus transportation system serving the greater San Juan metropolitan and tourist areas.  It provides frequent, low-cost trips to its main terminal in Old San Juan from the San Juan International Airport and more.  More about buses to Old San Juan.[divider]

San Juan Puerto Rico  >  Viejo San Juan  >  Getting to Old San Juan