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Best San Juan Puerto Rico Snorkeling Excursions

How many city destinations offer world-class historic attractions, a rainforest nearby, great beaches, and top-ranking snorkeling experiences?

We don’t mean to brag… but we know that San Juan does it better than any other city in the Caribbean, but don’t take our word for it…  one of our friendly and passionate tour guides offering Jet Snorkel- Snorkeling with Turtles earned the spot on the coveted Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best 2022 – #22 Top Overall Experiences in the Caribbean 

You too can have vacation bragging rights for snorkeling with sea turtles in clear turquoise water, right next to a historic site swimming with your loved ones.  Secure a spot, this snorkeling tour will become even more popular as the world gets to read about it.  If you or your children don’t know how to snorkel, there’s a nice tour guide offering snorkeling lessons right at Escambron.

Right here in San Juan, you can go snorkeling to Balneario Escambron, the best public beach in the capital city.

San Puerto Rico Best Snorkeling Beaches & Excursions

At Escambron Beach, there are two beaches where visitors can snorkel.  Playa 8 offers calm waters and a coral reef best for snorkeling from late spring to late fall.  Playa 9 – Bateria El Escambron is the favorite beach for snorkeling and scuba diving in the city where sea turtles love to play.  Bring your own snorkel equipment or book a tour with friendly tour guides that will make sure you have a wonderful time and show you the best snorkeling spots.  If you never snorkeled, Escambron Beach is a wonderful place to start.

Even toddlers can join the snorkeling fun.  As we walk along the beach, we are happy to find lovely scenes of families enjoying special times such as these… they were kind to allow us to capture this moment.

At the main beach (Playa 8), off to the far right side, you’ll find shallow spots where babies and toddlers can enjoy the clear water with colorful schools of fish playing on their natural playground welcoming visitors like you.  Let go of your worries and enjoy San Juan’s natural treasures.

For unforgettable snorkeling experiences on pristine beaches with beautiful healthy coral reefs, keep reading for an introduction of the most special places to snorkel in Puerto Rico sure to spark a special love affair with the island.  We are confident these snorkeling experiences will make you come back for more.

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in San Juan

Snorkeling Excursions to Special Places in Puerto Rico

From San Juan, you may embark on unforgettable snorkeling excursions.  Yes, you can snorkel on your own at many beaches around the island, but for a really magical experience, we recommend you spend the extra time making the trip to the offshore islands of Culebra, Vieques & Cayo Icacos.  Ask snorkeling enthusiasts that have traveled around the world and they’ll tell you Culebra is a very special place, with coral reef systems pretty hard to find around the Caribbean.  Vieques is also a pretty special place, the reefs are not as pristine as Culebra, but offers snorkelers many sites to explore.  Icacos is among the top natural attractions for tourists and loved by local boaters as well, tour operators make stops to the best snorkeling spots, the water is crystal clear under normal weather conditions.

Visit Puerto Rico Travel Guide for more information and videos of the best snorkeling beaches in Puerto Rico and the offshore islands. 

See below for top-rated snorkeling excursions to Culebra, Vieques & a unique snorkeling tour to Icacos with the added romantic glow of the sunset.

Top Rated Snorkeling Excursions to Culebra, Vieques & Icacos

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

San JuanSan Juan Puerto Rico Beaches ⎮ Best Snorkeling Beaches & Excursions in San Juan